Thursday, March 3, 2011

Solar Flare

Have any of you heard about solar flares? They are the suns natural activity that can cause destruction of electronic material through strong geomagnetic occurrences. In 1859 a significantly large one occurred causing seemingly trivial occurrences at the time including sparks leaping from telegraph equipment which had been reported to have caused fires. During that event telegraph lines were destroyed, yet in a more modern time such as today what would we do? This would wipe our hard drives clean and destroy large transformers and power lines throughout out America. Well according to National Geographic we are leaving a solar dormancy period that might result in another large flare like that. The entire internet array would be gone; all of our Facebook posts, our emails and anything online will be whipped out if this happens. So if you have files that you would like to make sure to keep burn them onto a CD, DVD or best yet a Blue ray.

All of this sounds like an unlikely occurrence, but it will happen sometime and the main question is; will you be one of the last people with family photos and personal music?

The Economy

Today I am feeling rather cynical and would like to bring attention to the corrupt agencies and multinational monopolies that now dominate our lives. Companies can now make a profit from our deaths; this clause, the 'dead peasant' gives companies money for those employees who die. Why should anyone profit from someones death? This has brought my attention to the new institution of outrageously large companies. I think that everyone has the right to invest in whatever they choose, yet when one company is too large to fail it should be regulated to the point that we can live in safety. We are led into false belief by false advertising by subsidiary agencies. What we eat is no longer what we think it is. What we use is no longer what we pay for. What we work for is not what we get paid for. What are we? Tools for companies to make money?